The domain

In 1974, leaving the Lyonnaise region, Paul and Marie-Elisabeth JOYET, settled on one of the best vineyards of Rasteau.

The name GIRASOLS derives from a French agricultural dictionary, dating from 1750, meaning a kind of opal, which remained them from the abundance rocks found in the vineyards.

The property which consists of 37 acres of planted vines all within a 10 minutes tractor ride from the house, situated on hillsides and terraces.

In 1978 the winery cellar was constructed into a hillside and cement tanks were built for the use of gravity during the wine making process. Three levels of tanks, upper tanks for fermentation, lower tanks for aging, and the third level for press wines.

In 2021 the Domaine will convert to Organic farming, no herbicides have been used for the last two years, in order to respect and honor the terroir and the earth.

The Domain enjoys an exceptional location at the foot of the medieval village of Rasteau, facing the Dentelles of Montmirail and Mont Ventoux.

Now, the second generation with Françoise, her husband Jon Larum and their son Julien, take over the activity of the domain. Their daughter Pauline is in New York, working in a wine shop and looking forward to continues her studies.